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Tremco is a highly honorable company with an first-class track record and customer referrals that specialises in the mending, waterproof and painting of all roofs. We not only bring the best quality in material and ability to your roof but also thirty years knowlage.

Tremco strives to build long time relationships with our customers. We do not believe in short-term  solutions because we do it right the first time. We do not believe in short term solutions because we do it right. Representatives will always give you the best practical advice in repair, replacement and waterproofing of all tile-, zinc-, concrete or slate roofs.

Tremco offers a 5 year guarantee on all work done which includes labour and material, no questions asked. The extendable guarantee becomes available after the five year period has expired. The maintenance will be part of a procedure where we cover a protective cover layer of liquid flexi bond on existing waterproofing material and the painting of waterproofing.

The client will be re-issued with a five year guarantee after this process has been completed. This is an ongoing process where a client does the maintenance every 5 years. Tremco also recommends that as soon as you have done your repair / roof repair on your roof that you bring this under the attention of your insurer.

Tremco sends seasonal news letters to our customers to remind them of the renewable maintenance of guarantees as well as the latest trends in the industry. We do offer a seasonal maintenance where we clean gutters and general repairs.